What is automation of sales?

What is automation of sales?

The software which automates sales undertakes routine, labor-consuming tasks of representatives of sales department and heads, and automates them. These tasks can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Check the guide on automation to know more.

Automation of sales increases not only efficiency, but also necessary accuracy of processing of base of potential clients, reduces probability of human mistakes and also accelerates process of sales.
Danger of automation of sales
Automation of sales can be too attractive idea. You shouldn’t automate each aspect of process of sales because then he will become completely heartless. Approach of the real person, but not the car, adds a critical and irreplaceable element of genuineness to process of sales.
Therefore if you try to send in hundreds automatic e-mails or to use a call-back, you have come over to “dark side”.
Also be careful, potential clients won’t too kindly apprehend full automation in exchange to real-life communication. You never receive high coefficients of conversion with such tactics, and, that is even worse, your company will receive bad reputation.
The software of automation for representatives of sales department
Potential clients
Do you constantly carry out the same search queries in LinkedIn? There is more effective way! If you have a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account, you can adjust own filter, using the combination of criterias (for example, “CMO – Chief marketing officer (Marketing director)” and search in the city).
Adjust obtaining notifications by email every day, week or month. Thus the list of potential clients on a regular basis will be received.
Use of the tool of notifications which go to e-ail will also release a lot of time. The functionality of CRM allows to bring any details out of the records CRM: profiles of social networks or data of the companies and you could see everything that is necessary for sending the ideal email. Now there is no need to open one million tabs to learn: position, source of attraction of a lead, last page of visit, etc.

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