The Roles of the Broker in The Repurchase And Renegotiation Of A Mortgage


Using the services of a real estate broker involves many benefits. Whether it is a renegotiation or a repurchase of mortgage, the broker offers advice and support to optimize your project file.

The real estate broker’s missions in the purchase or renegotiation of your loan

Using a broker saves you time because of his experience and his many contacts. A real estate broker can look after not only the acquisition of a home loan offer, but also the purchase or renegotiation of a home loan.

The renegotiation of the mortgage

Given the relatively low interest rates , it would be a shame not to take the opportunity to renegotiate your mortgage . As long as you have a mortgage, you can use your bank to change the financial terms. The real estate broker accompanies you in all your steps by establishing a solid file and strong arguments when negotiating with your bank. The goal will be to renegotiate the terms of your contract and get a new rate based on  current credit rates.

The repurchase of the mortgage

If you have already taken out a mortgage with a financial institution, be aware that it can be bought by another bank with better benefits. Your broker will conduct a survey of different banks by presenting your file. Subsequently, he will suggest the most advantageous offer for your project.
In summary, to benefit from an interesting interest rate and repayment terms, the customer can transfer his credit to his new bank via the redemption process. The main difference between the repurchase and the renegotiation of the mortgage is the change of financial institution.

Financial Credit, your best ally in real estate loans

Are you looking for a professional broker to assist you in your takeover or renegotiation process? 
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