The documents to submit to apply for a mortgage

The documents to submit to apply for a mortgage

Aside from first-time homebuyers, the purchase of a property usually comes after the sale of the previous dwelling. Once you have found the buyer of your current residence, you must obtain a mortgage to get the keys to your future nest. Upstream you will have to prepare a number of documents to present to your bank or broker so that he can analyze your situation to give you your credit.

What are the documents for a mortgage?

The credit application file may seem complicated to create, but in general here are the documents to provide for a mortgage:

  • the last two tax notices;
  • the last 3 payslips;
  • the last 3 statements of account;
  • documents that justify certain parts of your personal contribution;
  • if you sell your house or apartment, you will need a current mandate and title of ownership; as well as the promise or the compromise of sale of your current property,
  • if you have a credit in progress, you will have to present the schedule;
  • proof of identity: identity card or passport;
  • a proof of your family situation: family record or proof;
  • proof of address;
  • the promise of sale or compromise;
  • the front contract if it is a new building;
  • if you have a building, you must provide the building permit plan and the construction contract to estimate the cost of construction that will be added to the land.
  • If you need to renovate a real estate property, you must provide business quotes with plans, description of your work.
  • the mandatory technical diagnostics file that is attached to your promise to purchase.

Once your complete file is filed, your banker can already give you his opinion and then it will take about 3 weeks to have an agreement in principle.

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