Tenants: how to benefit from the 1% housing?

Tenants: how to benefit from the 1% housing

You plan to take an apartment for rent? Maybe you qualify for one of the 
1% housing benefits , now known as Housing Action?

The 1% housing is an employer contribution whose purpose is to facilitate the access of employees to housing , whether through the lease but also the acquisition or by carrying out work, as a tenant or owner occupant.

Who can benefit from rental assistance?

Two conditions for receiving rental assistance:

  • hold a lease agreement independent of his employment contract,
  • have resources below a ceiling defined according to the nature of housing and its geographical area.

Various aid for various beneficiaries

The 1% housing subsidies can concern:

  • employees of companies in the private sector (excluding agriculture),
  • young people under 30,
  • State scholarship students,
  • jobseekers,
  • disabled people,
  • the owners in degraded condominiums,
  • the victims of natural disasters …

The possibility to book a rental unit

One of the traditional functions of the 1% housing, the reservation of rental housing, can take place in the social housing (housing belonging to HLM organizations or semi-public companies or managed by them), but also in the park. Private contract (housing owned by private donors that have been the subject of an agreement with the State or with a financial institution setting ceilings for rent and / or resources). From a practical point of view, it is the Housing Action collector organization that is responsible for proposing the tenant to the lessor. But his intervention stops there, since the rest of the rental arrangements is identical to a usual lease.

Mobili-pass assistance for mutations

More innovative, the “mobili-pass” aid is a subsidy created to respond to specific problems posed in the event of a transfer: it benefits employees who are obliged, for professional reasons, to change their place of residence or to temporarily double it. a second.

Tenant or owner , you just need to be an employee of a company of ten or more employees, whatever your contract, except seasonal workers. 
A minimum distance of 70 km must separate the two residences.

The amounts are as follows:

  • zones A and B1 (Paris, small and large crown of Paris, Côte d’azur, French Genevois, agglomerations of more than 250,000 inhabitants and some communes): 3,500 € maximum ;
  • zones B2 and C (cities of 50,000 or more inhabitants, coastal and border areas, municipalities in rural areas): € 3,000 maximum .

This amount may be paid entirely in the form of grants: maximum grant will be € 2200 for zones A and B1, 1 900 € for B2 and C zones . The supplement may be the subject of a repayable loan in 36 months maximum.

It covers rent and rental expenses for a period of 4 months, up to the maximum amount in case of double housing charge, and the costs of a change of residence (except moving expenses).

The loan works for the improvement of housing

The work loan is a help allowing the buyers and the owners to carry out work of improvement or enlargement of their principal residence:

  • Improvement work leading to a grant from Anah
  • energy performance improvement works
  • housing improvement work
  • expansion of housing leading to the creation of a living space of at least 14 m 2 .

The work can be financed at 100% within the limit of € 10,000 per unit, repayable in 10 years maximum. The release of the funds is done on presentation of invoices issued in the name of the beneficiary at most 3 months after the end of the project.

Note that the 1% housing also grants loans to buy his principal residence. To read our article, click here .

Loca-pass, to alleviate financial difficulties

Some aid is intended to facilitate access to or maintenance of rental housing, particularly in the event of financial difficulties . It’s a boost to tenants .

The loca-pass advance

It consists of a free advance, paid primarily to your lessor, to finance the deposit for the duration of the lease. It represents a maximum of 500 € .

It can benefit:

  • employees (or pre-retirees) of non-agricultural private sector companies, regardless of the length of service and the nature of the employment contract;
  • young people under 30 in vocational training, employment or job search;
  • to French State scholarship students.

This loan at 0% of the loca-pass advance is granted under the following conditions:

  • a payment deferral of 3 months,
  • a minimum monthly payment of 20 € (except the last one),
  • a flexible repayment term, with a maximum duration of 25 months,
  • an obligation of early repayment within a maximum period of 3 months after the departure of the housing.

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