Simple, effective, customizable: our auto insurance adapts to your needs.

Simple, effective, customizable: our auto insurance adapts to your needs.

You choose one of our 4 formulas : Third, Third Eco, All Risks or All Risks Eco. Then you personalize your car insurance by choosing according to your needs, among the options available in the chosen formula. 
Drive serene! Whatever your choice, we always include in your car insurance essential guarantees and services:

  • mandatory liability , to repair material and bodily injury to third parties,
  • the bodily injury of the driver in case of injury following a guaranteed accident, including the payment of capital in case of permanent disability,
  • 24/7 assistance in the event of an accident, whether you are in France or in most foreign countries, as well as assistance in drafting your report and in case of breakdown more than 50km away from the home for the Third Party formula, the All Risks Eco formula and the All Risks formula.

Compare auto insurance formulas 

Professionals, your vehicle is your working tool

With MAAF, reduce your contribution, not your guarantees.

Let’s be responsible together! Thanks to the MAAF auto bonuses , we offer you many advantages :

  • Bonus duo , when you make 2 vehicles with us.
  • MAAF lifetime bonus , when your conduct demonstrates your prudence.
  • Bonus kilometer , if you drive less than 8,000 km per year.
  • Bonus winner , if you are a good driver and loyal to MAAF.
  • Eco-transport bonus , when you use public transport in addition to your car.
  • Pure bonus , if you ride with a clean vehicle.

Refuel with MAAF bonuses 

Looking for cheap car insurance?

MAAF offers you an offer of cheap car insurance , with the formula Third Eco and the formula All Risks Eco of our auto contract. You save up to 15% (1) on average savings on your car insurance .

Discover our cheap car insurance

The options available on our car insurance

  • Assistance failure 0 km : in case of breakdown of your car within 50 km of your home, MAAF Assistance sends a repairman on site to troubleshoot or tow your vehicle to the nearest garage or garage of your choice.
  • Compensation + : Depending on the duration chosen, MAAF will refund your car at its purchase value, in case of theft or total destruction.
  • Replacement Vehicle : If your car is damaged, stolen or attempted to be stolen, MAAF provides you with a loan vehicle.

Other options of our car insurance 

In case of a glitch, what does our car insurance provide?

That’s why you buy car insurance!

You break down more than 50 km from your home, you have an accident, you are the victim of a theft … During a trip abroad, you fall seriously ill …

It’s simple MAAF takes care of everything.

Our support services are involved

Call   24/7, including weekends and holidays 

For the deaf and hard of hearing:

The services of MAAF Assistance:

  • Sending a repairman and towing the vehicle if necessary. Practice: you can be geotagged with the application MAAF and Me .
  • Coverage of accommodation costs or repatriation of the driver and passengers under certain conditions
  • Help writing your report amicable with the service SOS MAAF

You declare a claim

Contact us:

  • By phone at:
  • On the Internet , go directly to the online insurance claim
  • In the agency , locate the nearest MAAF agency
  • Via the mobile application MAAF and Me on your smartphone

Know that you must declare your claim under:

  • 2 days in case of theft
  • 10 days in case of natural disasters
  • 5 working days in other cases

Your return is supported by a compensation and services advisor :

  • He informs you and accompanies you at all stages of your file until your compensation
  • He can advise a repairer who will examine your vehicle quickly. We will then pay directly this repairer and you will have no advance to make.

At any time, you can follow the progress of your claim in your client area on or the application MAAF and Moi .

For the conditions of these warranties, their scope and terms, refer to the General Conditions of the Auto Contract .

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