Patronal loan

Patronal loan

A company can set up an employer loan to help financially its employees in their real estate projects. The conditions proposed for this loan are generally advantageous but the device remains framed.

The employer loan is a loan put in place by a company to help employees become owners. The employer loan is only applicable for the acquisition of a principal residence. The rate of a business loan is extremely advantageous since it is between 1% and 3% for a period ranging from 1 year to 20 years. Behind the name of the employer loan is also the employer loan and the well-known 1% housing loan . All these devices are now grouped under the name Action Logement.

How is the employer loan managed?

The employer loan concerns nearly 220,000 companies, all of which have at least 10 employees. They contribute to Action Logement up to 0.45% of their payroll. In France, more than 13 million employees are eligible for employer loans . To make the request, they must go directly to their employer who will decide whether or not to grant the mortgage. The amount borrowed can not be greater than 50% of the total amount of the real estate project. The employer loan can therefore be combined with the zero interest loan, the home savings loan, the social housing loan, the loan agreement and of course the various bank loans.

What are the conditions for obtaining an employer loan?

The employer loan can be allocated to all employees, without means test, since the employer is the sole decision-maker. However, some employees, by their situation, remain priority. These are so-called first-time buyers, who want to become owners for the first time, and employees who have just been transferred and who are forced to change their main residence.
The employer loanis applicable for the purchase of land and the construction of a house, the purchase of a new home, the purchase of a home to be renovated, the purchase of an old property and the purchase of a home. a housing HLM. It is also possible to take out an employer loan for the extension, renovation or upgrading of your main residence.

What is the amount of the employer loan?

The minimum and maximum amount of an employer loan depends on the place of residence and the employee’s situation.
– If the employee resides in Paris or in one of the urbanization areas of Ile-de-France, the amount of the employer loan is between 9,600 and 17,600 euros.
– If the employee resides elsewhere in Ile-de-France, in a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants or in an urbanization zone, the employer loan is between 8 00 euros and 14 400 euros.
– If the employee resides in the rest of the territory of metropolitan France, the employer loan is between 6,400 euros and 11,200 euros.
An increase can be applied for employees who have low incomes, who opt for ecological housing or who arrange their home to receive a disabled person. These increases are between 600 euros and 16,000 euros and can not represent more than 50% of the total amount borrowed.

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