Choosing the best car insurance online

Choosing the best car insurance online

Are you looking for a car insurance adapted to your budget? We help you find the right contract for you at the best price . By filling out the form in just 5 minutes, you have access to a panel of  auto insurance quotes  offered by more than 50 market insurers. Compare to save time and save up to € 310 * per year!

Auto insurance quote tailored to your profile

What are the rates offered by the insurers on the comparison page? Many criteria can affect the calculation of the insurance premium, such as the contract formula (all risks, third party …), the guarantees chosen (loan of steering wheel, secondary driver, theft …), the insured vehicle (electric, new , used, collectible …) or the profile of the subscriber ( young driver , good driver, terminated, maleated …).

The bonus-penalty coefficient

Another essential criterion that affects the amount of the car insurance premium: the coefficient of bonus-malus . Indicated on the statement of information of the insured, this rate expressed as a percentage penalizes drivers responsible for claims. In short: the higher the bonus, the lower the insurance premium.

Find the cheapest insurance

Hence the importance of using a comparator auto insurance before committing. Our results page is a summary of the best 2018 rates, a quick and easy way to find the best deal and above all to be sure you have made the right choice. Thanks to the online subscription, you can be covered in a few clicks by the cheapest car insurance .

And good news: thanks to the Hamon law, changing auto insurance has never been easier! Once you have chosen your new contract, you do not have to take any action as your new insurer takes care of all the cancellation formalities.

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