7 essentials for an effective monthly marketing report

7 essentials for an effective monthly marketing report

Even the most successful marketers face a challenge: they must ensure that their marketing team is taken seriously within their company.

For this, it is essential to publish a complete, thoughtful and quantitative monthly report on the impact of their team.

Marketers have always struggled to demonstrate their impact. Nevertheless, it is now very easy to collect the data you need and rely on the right reports to show how your marketing investments generate revenue for your business.

Key marketing reports 

At Hub Spot , the marketing team creates a monthly presentation of more than 200 reports to address every detail of their work. This initiative, certainly titanic, is not necessary for all companies.

However, it is important that all marketers provide a set of key reports to present the results of their inbound marketing strategy . These are the “results”, it is not a question of presenting what has been done, but what has been achieved.

Here are some of the key reports that Hub Spot uses to present its results.

1- Visits by source

This is your measurement from the top of the funnel. It tells you, month after month, how many people come to your site and how they arrive. This report highlights marketing channels that drive changes in overall traffic.

HubSpot customers can find this report in Sources . 

2 – Leads by source

This is the measure of your activity in the middle of the funnel. This report shows how many leads you generate and on which channels.

You can use this report to track month-to-month lead changes and implement strategies to improve these results. For example, if you generate a lot of traffic to your blog posts, but do not convert leads, it would be good to try other ways to improve conversions of the blog pages. Maybe you need better call-to-action (CTA) or more attractive offers. This report can help you identify the reason for the problem and understand how to solve it.

HubSpot customers can find this report in Sources . 

3 – Overview of the funnel

This is an overview of your marketing funnel that presents the 5 most important indicators : visits, leads and customers over time, as well as conversion rates from customer visits and leads to customers over time.

This information allows you to have a global view of the performance of your marketing team.

4 – Paid campaigns and naturally generated leads

This report shows how many leads come from paid campaignsand how many come from organic research. If you’re looking to create a real inbound engine and minimize your expenses, this report will help you track your progress.

HubSpot customers can get this information in Sources by exporting and centralizing all their natural campaigns, and comparing them to their paid campaigns.

5 – The best blog articles by number of page views

This report allows you to track the content that interests your audience. You can fine-tune your blog posts to generate even more traffic, and your marketing strategy as a whole, to better reach your target personas.

6 – The best landing pages by number of leads

This report shows which offers and landing pageswho generate the most leads. It is important to know this data and to always test new offers and landing pages to create new engines that will generate even more leads.

7 – The speed of lead conversion

This report assesses the quality of leads that you pass to your sales team. If your leads are converting quickly, it means that your marketing team is performing well. On the other hand, if the conversion is slow, it is imperative that you adjust your strategy to better maturing them..

HubSpot customers can get this information through a CRM like HubSpot.

If you’re a HubSpot customer, most of these reports are already created for you. A personalized monthly reportis sent to you at the beginning of each month. It contains a link to download a PowerPoint version of your own monthly report.

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